Mitchell Tower, University of Chicago

Thanks to Kim Schafer for her profile of our tower in her Bell Advocate blog!

Chicago Bell Advocates

If you had to name American universities that are especially pro-bell, the University of Chicago would be near the top of the list. First, it has the stunning Rockefeller carillon which I had the great pleasure of performing on for years. Second, it has a ring of ten bells in nearby Mitchell Tower. (These bell towers are within two blocks of each other. I’m thinking we need to arrange a “dueling bell towers” of sorts.) Only one other American university campus boasts a carillon and ring—The University of the South in Sewanee, Tennessee.

Tom Farthing, the fearless leader of the intrepid change ringers, showed me around the tower and the English ringing tradition. Change ringing is a method in which a set of bells are rung one at a time, each by a single person, in mathematical permutations, so that the in each iteration each bell is played only once…

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